CricketRashi is a testimony that your first love never loses its lustre in subsequent years. Ashish Shukla was a top notch cricket writer for decades before he ventured out to geopolitics in 2010s and yet, here he is again, bringing his enormous knowledge, contacts and insight into the game which gave him initial identity.
Cricket has changed much but it still is a game of runs and wickets, of pitches and weather, of characters who are quirky, weird, honest and brave.
In CricketRashi we try to keep viewers abreast with insight into cricket and cricketers and in the age of Social Media, to whip up a conversation which is sometimes so insightful that it surprises even the best minds in the game.
The initial core team of CricketRashi; Brijesh Nigam the CEO who is driven like a maniac to give it a nip and tuck, and Shiv Kumar, the production chief, who is wonderful in his craft yet a bit like Hanumanji who has to be reminded of his ability on and off.
Watch this space for CricketRashi is growing every day, bubbling with new ideas and new thrusts.