Users Generated Content (UGC)

UGC, or Users Generated Content.
As the name suggests, CricketRashi always welcomes video content from viewers, like if you have had an interaction with a cricketer, you spent time with him in a restaurant, in stadium, something unusual which caught your eye in a cricket match, a local talent you think deserves exposure, etc etc. We promise to provide CricketRashi as one of your own platform, for our subscribers, contributors and followers are part of our family only.
You thus have an opportunity to not just polish your skills in case you seek a career in journalism, but also have the benefit of a major platform in CricketRashi and all its attendant Social Media platforms.
Treat CricketRashi as your own, and those who catch our eyes with their quality and quantity, would not only be rewarded with a bigger audience but attractive gifts and prize money too.
Remember, you are an equal stakeholder in CricketRashi - a cricket platform for one and all.
And you would have a designation too: Content Editor